Money Mindset Makeover


Do any of these sound familiar?

* You know you've been undercharging and over-delivering

* You feel nervous every time you price your services or talk with a prospective client

* You don't feel ready, qualified, or good enough

* You've been lacking boundaries that do not value the true cost of my time

If this is YOU then it's time to transform what feels overwhelming in your business into
every day easy, in a way that feels powerfully authentic for you.

That's why I'm thrilled to invite you to my virtual Money Mindset Makeover Half Day Workshop.

What's a Money Mindset Makeover?

By coaching together, we’ll create a fresh, empowering success mindset for you. Take a look at what you'll experience:

• Release limiting money beliefs

• Create an unshakeable ‘Premium State of Mind’

• Create your new, empowering money story so you can begin making changes within yourself

• Begin discovering the value of your work and powerfully claim your worth

Get to Know Coach Mindy Schlimgen

My name is Mindy Schlimgen, and I created Igniting Success Coaching specifically to help women entrepreneurs pivot their businesses in strategic and authentic ways to succeed.

The values that I express through my business/life include authenticity and sustainability - caring about our collective future on this planet together. By nature, women have always been the star advocates for a healthy future. We take proactive action to support our children, future generations, and our planet. My desire is to help women entrepreneurs do just that - help her make great profits that support her desired lifestyle and efforts towards a more beautiful world (that we all know is possible).

I’m a highly trained, certified coach who cares deeply about the success of women. I’m also a business owner, guide, a catalyst, a trained scientist, and a guardian of compassion and connection. I’m an active and credentialed member of the International Coach Federation. I also co-created Harmony & Heart Retreats that offers nature-based retreats in Sedona for the spring and fall equinoxes.

Money Breakthrough Certified Business Coach
Mindy Schlimgen

My coaching offers/programs are proven to create amazing outcomes for clients over many years, and with many women entrepreneurs. Kendall SummerHawk’s Money Breakthrough Business Coaching certification training has given me validated tools that I combine with my honed coaching approach to support women entrepreneurs.

  • Offers include Masterclasses, VIP Days, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month Coaching Programs.
  • Topics include Money Mindset Mastery, Branding with Archetypes®, Niche Breakthrough Secrets®, Creating High-End Packages and Pricing Strategies.
Conversational Intelligence
International Coach Federation ACC

Authentic Alignment

A woman’s business is truly an expression of herself. Her business needs to align authentically with her values (her essence) in the marketing, sales, and delivery of her services and goods. Yet all too often profits and happiness go missing - frequently indicating a lack of alignment when both her business and personal lifestyle suffer. That doesn’t have to happen, not even during this pandemic!

If You're Ready To...

  • let go of fear and charge what you're worth
  • release money blocks and stand powerfully for your value
  • work with ideal clients YOU love and who love to pay you for the transformational work you do with them
  • confidently and calmly talk with prospective clients, even about the money part
  • let go of doubt and claim your worth as a heartfelt and unstoppable woman
  • get the support + do what it takes to make your business dreams a reality

Then I invite you to join me in this transformational half-day workshop

Money Mindset Makeover Workshop

Friday, May 14, 2021

8 am to Noon PST

Limited to 6 Women

  • Half-day of LIVE workshopping and coaching in a small group session to uplevel your money mindset
  • Delivered LIVE online
  • Beautiful Client Workbook filled with activities to help you get your money mindset breakthrough

Special Mother's Day Offer

Register NOW!


Why an intensive 4-hour workshop when I can read other resources on my own schedule?

A. An interactive 1/2 day workshop is a step-by-step transformational process, with an action plan to maintain the momentum after the workshop. We will expose your past money blocks and build your insights so that you create a new money story for yourself, a story that you can share and live from. In a small group of women sharing similar money blocks, we will learn from one another - enhancing our own growth. It would be difficult to have the same life-shifting experience reading a book by yourself.

Is this 4-hour workshop really going to make a difference?

A. This workshop is proven to be transformational and will create a ripple effect in your life and business. We are setting a road map for your new normal of money perspective, decision-making, and action-taking. The invitation is for you to stretch into a new and supportive money mindset space. You will create a clear understanding around your sense of identity to money and your beliefs about money in your business. You will examine how you value your time - changing how you plan your days and directly impacting your business profits. You will recognize the true value that you offer, and see that you are most likely undercharging and over-delivering.

This workshop is How we think, feel and believe governs every single action we take in our business.

Personal Experience

"Mindy's Money Mindset Mastery class was really fun and very helpful! It gave me tools to rethink the value of what I offer in my work. The active group class accompanied by the one-on-one follow-up session is a balanced combination. Mindy's positivity helps to make this process feel fun and exciting rather than just business-y. I really appreciate Mindy's wisdom and support as I engage in a new approach to my career." 
~ Anna Switzer, PhD, Educator, Artist, Consultant, Coach

"This workshop is for you if want to bring in new ideas on how to make money specifically in a way that is consistent with your own values, and a way that resonates with you.  The biggest benefit was getting connected with my bigger goal and breaking it down into achievable daily goals in a supportive way that resonates with my interests. This process helped me isolate the tasks that I can delegate and build a new appreciation for my time and how it would be best used.  It also helped address my work-life balance. " 
~ Lucille Bright, owner/instructor, Studio Sol Pilates

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