Power Your Business Forward with Guidance & Ease,
Increasing Profits & Your Impact in the World

THE 12-MONTH PROGRAM IS FOR WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS seeking superior results in their existing businesses. Women who want to both design and transform their business at a premium level with higher profits, time-freedom, satisfied customers, & make their difference for future generations.

This is a creative step-by-step program with year-long support & accountability that will power your goals, transforming both you and your business while igniting profits and your passion.
Incredible possibilities open when you invest in yourself.

Quickly connect with new paying and superior clients/customers

Together we'll work on increasing your fees so that you're making more money in less time, and achieving your income goals with fewer clients

Create signature programs and high-end packages with diverse offers at premium rates, positioning yourself as the expert you are

Align your business practices with your values and passions, releasing energy and sustained enthusiasm in your business

"I wanted to up-level my business and put myself out there when I started working with Mindy. I had a big breakthrough and connected to my potential clients in an empowered and confident way. I now have a signature system, a process with how I work with my Reiki clients and I’m no longer charging by the hour. Mindy also helped me with creating new money beliefs and managing my time with social media."
~ Jill Davenport, Business Coach & Reiki Master

12-Month Private Coaching Program Includes:

Branding with Archetypes® VIP Full-Day (MONTH 1)

Uncover your unique values as you express them through your business, and use your archetypes to authentically express yourself and your business through your marketing and more. Includes the downloadable guide/workbook and Archetype Assessment. Mindy will start coaching you to get clear on your vision, present, and future desires, self-care needs, mindset, and more.

24 Private Coaching Sessions with Mindy (over 12 months)

Twenty four 30-45 minute private coaching calls scheduled for 2 times per month over 12-months duration. Homework exercises are worked on between sessions. There are seven coaching modules with several sessions and one implementation session for each module, and you receive downloadable Workbook Guides.

  • Money Mindset Mastery
  • Branding With Archetypes®
  • Niche Breakthrough Secrets®
  • Signature System®
  • Create High-End Packages
  • How to Charge What You're Worth And Get It!®
  • How to Sign On New Clients

High-End Packages VIP Full Day - MONTH 7

The benefits of offering high-end packages are huge. You will be coached to value yourself at the highest level and work fewer hours for significantly more income. You can simplify your business and reduce time demands moving out of offering service by the hour, freeing yourself of over delivery and the burnout associated with it.

5 Private 15-Minute "SOS" Emergency Q&A Calls with Mindy on her Private Line - For when you need immediate help and email isn't sufficient.

Exclusive Private Email Access to Mindy

Get your questions answered, report celebrations, and stay accountable. You'll love how connected and supported you feel knowing that Mindy is right there for you.

when you pay in full

Nature-connected Coaching Session (2 hours, via Phone, Online or Live)

Create awareness and insights around personal challenges in your life, shifting perspectives and habits. Connect with yourself deeply in the nurturance of nature.


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