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What are your challenges today?


  • You have little to no visibility with your marketing, compared to others in your field offering similar services
  • You are not getting traction and your marketing feels inconsistent and unmemorable
  • Your message feels inauthentic and fake, and you’re starting to dread the work it takes
  • You crave having a brand that captures your unique spirit, personality and passion, positioning you to powerfully stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd
Discover Your Branding Solution

Money Mindset

  • You feel in your heart that your mindset about money could definitely benefit from a makeover
  • Lack of profits and the high time demand of your business creating stress, leading toward low performance and self-esteem, and headed in an unhappy downward spiral
  • Your lack of optimism is reflected in your customer relationships and business profits
  • Even people you turn to for support are discouraged from helping

Signature System & Highend Offers

  • You have no time for self-care and fun because you working hourly for your profits
  • Your clients aren’t getting the results that you know you can skillfully deliver to them
  • You are attracting difficult clients who take more time and effort from you, draining your energy and enthusiasm
  • Your time is not being used efficiently, and your performance is declining

Desire & Focus

  • You are distracted by too many priorities that lead to frustration and overwhelm, feeling unclear where to put your time and efforts
  • Stress is reducing your creative juices and it is taking a toll on your health and energy
  • You know you have so much more potential and just need guidance and a roadmap for you to grow
  • You love what you do but aren’t certain how to organize your expertise into profitable packages
  • You feel nervous every time you talk with a prospective client

Get to Know Coach Mindy Schlimgen

My name is Mindy Schlimgen, and I created Igniting Success Coaching specifically to help women entrepreneurs pivot their businesses in strategic and authentic ways to succeed.

The values that I express through my business/life include authenticity and sustainability - caring about our collective future on this planet together. By nature, women have always been the star advocates for a healthy future. We take proactive action to support our children, future generations, and our planet. My desire is to help women entrepreneurs do just that - help her make great profits that support her desired lifestyle and efforts towards a more beautiful world (that we all know is possible).

I’m a highly trained, certified coach who cares deeply about the success of women. I’m also a business owner, guide, a catalyst, a trained scientist, and a guardian of compassion and connection. I’m an active and credentialed member of the International Coach Federation. I also co-created Harmony & Heart Retreats that offers nature-based retreats in Sedona for the spring and fall equinoxes.

Mindy Schlimgen

My coaching offers/programs are proven to create amazing outcomes for clients over many years, and with many women entrepreneurs. Kendall SummerHawk’s Money Breakthrough Business Coach certification training has given me validated tools that I combine with my honed coaching approach to support women entrepreneurs.

  • Offers include Masterclasses, VIP Days, 3-month (for groups), 6-month, and 12-month Coaching Programs.
  • Topics include Money Mindset Mastery, Branding with Archetypes®, Niche Breakthrough Secrets®, Signature System®, Creating High-End Packages and Pricing Strategies.
Conversational Intelligence
International Coach Federation ACC
Money Breakthrough Certified Business Coach

Profit Breakthrough Consultation Results

Pinpoint what’s getting in the way of you making more profits and enjoying more time off

Discover your #1 biggest opportunity to add customers and cash flow to your business

Leave the session clear about how to maximize income and reduce work hours, so you can live the life you desire

Get 3 simple steps that you can take next to immediately begin making more money

Authentic Alignment

A woman’s business is truly an expression of herself. Her business needs to align authentically with her values (her essence) in the marketing, sales, and delivery of her services and goods. Yet all too often profits and happiness go missing - frequently indicating a lack of alignment when both her business and personal lifestyle suffer. That doesn’t have to happen, not even during this pandemic!

"I wanted to up-level my business and put myself out there when I started working with Mindy. I had a big breakthrough and connected to my potential clients in an empowered and confident way. I now have a signature system, a process with how I work with my Reiki clients and I’m no longer charging by the hour. Mindy also helped me with creating new money beliefs and managing my time with social media."
~ Jill Davenport, Business Coach & Reiki Master

"I signed up with Mindy when I was pivoting my business and wanted the support of a coach to help me decide which direction I should take to show up more powerfully for my clients and to feel satisfied with my business’ financial situation. She helped me to feel grounded and think outside the box, always giving me new perspectives to think about my challenges. She cut to the chase - in a compassionate way, pointing out ways I might be limiting myself. You can trust that she will show up wholeheartedly and fully present to support you as you grow."
~ Amanda Parker, Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Book your free 45-minute chat with me today. Together we will explore what the biggest challenge in your business is right now, discover opportunities to add clients and cash-flow to our business, and agree at least one step you can take right now to move your business forward.

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